Attend MadhavAbhishek@Khajuraho.Get Prasad which correct chakras,strengthen aura,diseaselessLongLife

Stay for a while with Spiritual Guru His Holiness Swami Shri Ashok Ji Maharaj to experience the divine blessings and get mantra for physical mental & spiritual development  

Bhagwan Shri Madhav Abhishek


A Special Pooja dedicated to Bhagwan Shri Vishnu


PUNYA-invisible wealth

Dissolves Sins-present ane previous births

Fullfills all desires

Eliminates all disturbances and hurdles of your tour

Finally It gives SALVATION

and Its Prasad-MADHAV SHANKH

Can change your life in a positive manner, it can



  • Balance your chakras(energy centres)
  • Strengthen your aura.
  • Give you long life.
  • Give you disease free long life.
  • Halt aging
  • Manage your thoughts.
  • Manage your diseases.
  • Prevent diseases.
  • Overcome by coming odds in life.
  • Bring prosperity and fame.
  • Enhance business profit.

List is endless. During your visite to Prayag (Allahabad) you can take advantage of it. Any person can perform this puja for wellbeing of entire family. Special session of Madhav Abhishek are being organised during Dwadash Madhav Yearly Parikrama 22-26 October 2018. Single Session of Abhishek takes roughly 2 hours.

Venue: Bhagwan Shri Chakra Madhav Peeth Arail, Prayag

Dates: 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 October 2018

Timing 5- 7 P.M.

Madhav Abhishek Puja Fee: Rs.2100.00 per person, Payable@Venue

All devotees who are coming to attend Dwadash Madhav Parikrama  at Prayag are requested to register there names as soon as possible, but do not pay the fee to any one. Please note that you have to pay this fee on the arrival at Allahabad at the reception counter.

Apart from this pre scheduled Abhishek on 22-26 October 2018, we organise Abhishek session at Allahabad and Khajuraho. A group of min.20 people is needed to call a sessionof Bhagwan Shri Dwadash Madhav Abhishek. Please see our notice board for latest Abhishek updates and schedules. So Register Now

So give a short visit to our temple during your khajuraho visit and get divine blessings and prasad.