Attend MadhavAbhishek@Khajuraho.Get Prasad which correct chakras,strengthen aura,diseaselessLongLife

Stay for a while with Spiritual Guru His Holiness Swami Shri Ashok Ji Maharaj to experience the divine blessings and get mantra for physical mental & spiritual development  

Our Guru

Our Guru His Holiness Swami Shri Ashok Ji Maharaj is a Spiritual Guru with a difference.Swami Ji is continuosly revealing sacred secrets for the welfare of whole mankind. He would like to equip whole mankind with divine tools by which any one can lead his/her life with sound health, peace and prosperity.All secrets which he is revealing are based on vadic/sanathan knowledge.He has promoted shri madhav kul,tatvagyan divine mission, divine yagya mission. He revived a holy parikrama of lord shri dwadash madhav after a long gap of 600 years.
His Pleasent personality and his grace full presence is enough to enhance energy level of any individual.